Building things with Lightning for fun & microprofit.

Earn bitcoin for twitter likes

Sats 4 Likes

Buy "REAL" likes & followers & retweets for your social media.

Earn Bitcoin to like & follow & retweet or join Telegram groups.

Buy LN Channels from others or open LN channels for sats.

Phone for your Lightning Node

RED ☎️

Phone for your Lightning Node

Dial any Lightning node that with their Node ID

Send and receive SMS without giving away your phone number

sms 4 sats

Protect your identity with our one-time use phone numbers, supporting over 100 services and 20 countries. We accept Bitcoin via the Lightning Network.

Send SMS messages, lightning fast

Use FUD tweets to long Bitcoin


Use FUD tweets to automatically long Bitcoin.

Set trigger, amount and auto-long (or short) the corn.

Withdraw via Lightning in 1 hour.

Instant Live Video Performances that pay


Set a target goal to start your broadcast. Get a link to share with your followers.

Start the show when target payment is reached. Withdraw after the broadcast.

Require Bitcoin payments for editing a Wiki Page

MediaWiki Spam Protection

Require Bitcoin payment from users to edit a Media Wiki Site.

Supports c-lightning and as backend.

write anywhere in the world with lightning network

Satoshi's World

Street View version of

Write anywhere in the world for 50 sats per character.

question and answer site that pays bitcoin

Get Answer

Get Answers to your questions. Earn Bitcoin to respond to questions.

Stackoverflow with Lightning.

single question polls with bitcoin lightning

Push LN Chrome Extension

Pay lightning invoices from your phone when you click on a link on your laptop/desktop browser.

single question polls with bitcoin lightning


Create single question polls that costs or pays voters. Withdraw collected fees anytime.

Vote with skin in the game. Only unique nodes can accept payments.


Play backgammon for satoshis with a friend or a foe.

Android Apps


Mobile Wifi Hotspot Android app. Earn or Pay with Lightning. Beta version available now.

Push LN Android App

Pay lightning invoices from your phone when you click on a link on your laptop/desktop browser.

Discontinued Apps

play duck hunt game earn bitcoin

LN Hunt

Duck Hunt game with Lightning. Shoot some ducks with the classic Arcade Game.

pick a card, play the game, win bitcoin

Three Card Monte

Simple card picking game, find the black card and double your satoshis. Provably fair, withdraw anytime.

Read paywalled articles pay with bitcoin

Brick Break

Read paywalled articles by paying with LN.

Payments go directly to pay for subscriptions.

Alpha version available.

scratch off tickets with bitcoin

Scratch & Win

Scratch the cards, get 3 of a kind and win up to 10,000 satoshis.

Flip coin to earn bitcoin

LN Coin Flip Bot

Flip a coin to earn bitcoin.

Provably fair Telegram bot that you can play coin flip with %0.5 house edge.

Deposit, flip, withdraw instantly. Reveal provably fair secrets and verify easily.

Tap to witness a real transaction on the Lightning Network

Tap TX

1-Tap tx on the Lightning Network.

See how easy it is, see how fast it is.

Witness Energy, TPS, shitcoinery FUD disappear.

Bit Alarm

Bit Alarm is an alarm clock app that auto-donates your snoozed satoshis via social api.

receive sms text messages

Receive SMS

Disposable phone numbers to anonymously receive text messages from strangers, confirmation codes, OTPs... You can send SMS too.

Bitcoin Faucet

LN Faucet

Watch video ads, withdraw some sats.

Rewards to Bitcoin

Convert your Google Play Balance (Opinion Rewards) into Bitcoin on Lightning.

convert xlm stellar lumens to bitcoin on lightning network


Convert your airdropped Stellar Lumens (XLM) to Bitcoin.

Get paid instantly with Lightning Network.


convert bat brave attention tokens to bitcoin on lightning network


Convert your Brave Attention Tokens (BAT) to Bitcoin.

Get paid instantly with Lightning Network.


convert nano cryptocurrency to bitcoin on lightning network


Convert your NANO cryptocurrency to Bitcoin.

Get paid instantly with Lightning Network.



Purchase Lightning vouchers with onchain Bitcoin or Lightning. Redeem voucher codes for LN payments on games & services.



Channel Balancing Service for Lightning Network Routing Nodes. Turn your 0 local balance inbound channels into routing channels.



Play blackjack for 100 satoshis. Get 21 (or a better hand than the house) and win 3 to 2.

Sorry, game is disabled due to abuse. This is why we can't have nice things.


Bitcoin Faucet with Browser CPU Mining. Mine with your browser, get paid via Lightning.

Shutdown due to Discontinuation of Coinhive


Friendly Bets, Instant Payments. Create quick bets with your friends, set criteria, resolve time. Share and join the bet. Resolve and winner gets paid instantly over lightning.


Yaver is a personal assistant that can repeatedly call a number and connect you when they respond positively.

Won 2nd place in Blockstack Hackathon.