Building things with Lightning for fun & microprofit.

Three Card Monte

Simple card picking game, find the black card and double your satoshis. Provably fair, withdraw anytime.

Receive SMS

Disposable phone numbers to anonymously receive text messages from strangers, confirmation codes, OTPs...

LN Hunt

Duck Hunt game with Lightning. Shoot some ducks, earn satoshis.


Bitcoin Faucet with Browser CPU Mining. Mine with your browser, get paid via Lightning.

Scratch & Win

Scratch the cards, get 3 of a kind and win up to 10,000 satoshis.


Play backgammon for satoshis with a friend or a foe.


Play blackjack for 1000 satoshis. Get 21 and win 2 to 1.

Satoshi's World

Street View version of, write anywhere in the world for 50 sats per character.


Mobile Wifi Hotspot Android app. Earn or Pay with Lightning. Coming soon to Android.